Diablo 4's battle pass will take "roughly 80 hours" to complete

DIablo 4's Inarius close to smiting down a foe
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4's battle pass should take around 80 hours to complete, Blizzard has revealed.

In a recent group interview (via PC Gamer (opens in new tab)), associate game director Joe Piepiora detailed the amount of seasonal content players can expect from the Diablo 4 battle pass.

"Right now, the battle pass, when you're figuring in completing the season journey alongside doing other content in the game, you're looking at roughly 80 hours worth of time invested to complete the entirety of the battle pass," Piepiora said. "To level a character to level 100 could take a little longer than that based on how you play."

Of course, this is all in addition to the main campaign, side quests, and more than 150 dungeons you'll have to hack-and-slash your way through in the base game. And while for any remotely casual player that might sound daunting Piepiora also said he doesn't expect Diablo 4 to consume your whole entire life - just until you've reached max level and have had your fill fiddling with your build.

"One thing I do want to make sure it's really clear is we're not trying to create a situation where players feel that they must play forever," he said. "We want players who play Diablo 4 to play and enjoy the experience while they're playing the game."

"We want you to get to a certain point, once you've reached level 100, where you've got 220 of these paragon points you're playing with, you have all of your skill points that you've already assigned to your character, and you've got your legendary and unique items, and now it's about configuring the board exactly the way that you want."

In a separate interview that also came out this week, Piepiora revealed that Diablo 4's quarterly seasonal updates will add new story content, but franchise boss Rod Fergusson later clarified that some people were "misinterpreting" the information. Apparently, the seasonal story content will simply be "new quest lines that help to provide context to new seasonal mechanics - not a new campaign."

In case you missed it, Piepiora also confirmed that Diablo 4's respec costs "are final."

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